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About J&D

I need to change my horse’s feed. What should I change to?

Why is my dog so lethargic?

My chooks are keeling over. What can I do?

High quality big brand stockfeed

Whether you have racing horses, chickens, or working dogs, it’s so important for them to have the right nutrition - at whatever stage of life they’re at. The right diet that meets the changing needs of your animals will help them gain the best possible health, performance, and well being.

J&D hold stockfeed for leading brands and will order in any line you need.

Knowledgeable animal feed advice

The huge range of animal feeds and supplements can be overwhelming. When there are several products that claim to help with the same problem, which one should you choose? The last thing you want is to a sicker animal as a result of the wrong feed or supplement.

There are many great products out there - and just as many bad ones. A product is only good if it’s the right product for your animals.

That’s where we come in. We’ll take the time to learn about your horse, so expect to chat to us about size, breed, use, stage of development, weight, temperament, past history, current ailments, and energy needs.

What’s more, there’s your budget to consider too. We’ll take all this into account before we suggest the right product for your animals.

The J&D Stockfeed difference

For more than 18 years, locals have been visiting mother and son team, Jason and Denise (The ‘J’ & ‘D’ in J&D Stockfeed).

From horse people and farms in the local Lancefield area to vets and the local Lancefield markets, J&D appreciate the trust and referrals so generously directed their way.

J&D are known for more than an impressive range of big brand quality stockfeed.

They are known for more than their competitive prices.

They are known for more than their delivery service.


Anyone can sell. Anyone can deliver. Anyone can offer great prices.

Denise and Jason do all that and more:

  • When a customer wonders why his chooks are keeling over so quickly, Denise and Jason take the time to explain what to feed them and what to do for them.
  • When ladies come into the warehouse for 25kg bags of stockfeed, they don’t need to get flustered and stressed about how to carry it all back to their vehicles. It’s done for them.
  • When regulars are in a rush to get in and out with their feed, Denise and Jason will have it ready for them as soon as they walk in the door.

As if that’s not enough…

  • The delivery service is reliable and responsive: on time, with bags stacked neatly and out of the weather.

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We're dedicated to providing the best options when it comes to feed for your stock & pets alike. For experience, advice and a fair price...