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Cats & Dogs


Wholesome and natural ingredients will support the dietary needs of your cat in every stage of their life, from kitten to senior cats.

Product Weight
Coprice Max’s Cat Litter 12.5kg
Purina Supercoat Cat Adult Chicken and Liver 8kg
Purina Cat Adult Salmon and Tuna 8kg
Purina Cat Adult Chicken and Rice 8kg

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Is your dog low in energy?

Not growing well?

Does your dog have a dull coat, bad breath, or dandruff?

Does your dog often get infections or allergies?

The saying ‘You are what you eat’ applies to dogs as well as to us. And when your dog isn’t getting the right nutrition, it will show. The Dog Condition Score Chart is a good way to check how well your dog is getting on.

It can be tempting to make up a diet for your dog. But your dog may have nutritional requirements, which can lead to unpleasant symptoms if not addressed. Then there are other dangers, for example, tossing your dog raw meat carries a risk of disease and can infect dogs with parasites. 

The right food for their stage of life

What you may not realise is that a dog’s nutritional needs change at different stages of their lives. It also depends on what type of dog you have, and their energy needs.

For example, a working dog needs many more calories than an inactive household dog. And a working dog in extreme temperatures needs even more calories than in average temperatures.

And if a working dog doesn’t get the right amount of calories?

Bad news:

Your dog may suffer bad breath, lethargy, weight loss, and mineral and vitamin deficiencies in the long run.

When a dog doesn’t get enough fat and fatty acids, you may encounter scaly skin, allergies, and poor coat. Vitamin E is an antioxidant for fighting infections, and deficiency can lead to liver damage and muscle breakdown.

As you see, getting your dog’s food right can have a major impact on their health and longevity.

What to look for in dog food

The right combination of ingredients makes all the difference to help your dog lead a healthy life. Look for foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, water, vitamins, and fats. 

What’s more, if your dog has allergies, you may want to avoid wheat bran and rice bran which are harsh on their digestive track. Oats and barley are low GI and much gentler for digestion.

High quality protein such as chicken, boar, venison, turkey, or even fish will give your dog the quality protein needed for energy, repair, and to keep their immune system strong.

We recommend speaking to a qualified and experience vet to find out the right combination for your dog’s well-being. We can then help you choose the products that suit your dog - and is friendly on your budget.

Dog feed products

Dogs need a well balanced and complete dog food to keep them healthy and happy. We supply the leading brands including True Blue, Supercoat, and Pedigree. Buy in bulk for your convenience and cost savings. 

Product Weight
Barastoc Cobbler Working Dog 20kg
Coprice Family Dog 20kg
Coprice Working Dog 20kg
Coprice Drover 20kg
Laucke Great Barko 20kg
Pedigree Working Dog 20kg
Pedigree Adult / Beef 20kg
Pedigree Adult / Mince + Vegetables 20kg
Purina Supercoat Puppy 18kg
Purina Supercoat Adult Large Breed Puppy 18kg
Purina Supercoat Active 18kg
Purina Supercoat Lite + Mature 18kg
Purina Supercoat Adult Beef 18kg
Purina Supercoat Adult Chicken 18kg
Bonnie Puppy 20kg
Bonnie Working Dog 20kg
Bonnie Adult Complete 20kg
Bonnie Lite 20kg

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