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Chickens & Pigs

Chicken Feed

How can I get my chook to lay more eggs?

My chicken has a runny nose. What can I do?

Feathers are falling out!

How can I keep my chicken from keeling over so quickly?

Chicken feed matters

You regularly feed your chickens leftover food from last night’s dinner. After all, if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for them. Isn’t it?

Good news:

It’s a common and very understandable thing to do.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is when table scraps are the only food your chickens are getting fed - and you then expect them to lay.

You see, to give life to another chick inside their bodies, they need extra nutrition:

  • To avoid deficiencies - for example calcium deficiency causes poor bone growth and rickets
  • For energy - without it, they lose weight, can’t produce quality eggs, can’t grow well
  • For Vitamin A - deficiency can lead to skin problems and feathering

Different needs at every stage of a chicken’s life

A chicken goes through 3 stages:

  1. Starter
  2. Grower
  3. Layer

Their nutritional needs vary between stages. For example, it’s very easy for a chicken to at the starter stage to develop caecal and intestinal coccidiosis.

Starter feeds usually include an anti-coccidial to prevent coccidiosis - and are formulated as a complete and nutritionally balanced formulation that will give your chick all it needs to grow and stay healthy.

High quality chicken feed

When you visit us, you’ll find only the highest quality chicken feed from well known brands such as Barastoc and Lauke.

Feeds are categorised according to the 3 important stages of a chicken’s life, so chickens get all they need to grow and lay eggs, in a form they can easily eat and digest. 

Make an informed choice for the right chicken feed

For over 15 years, our customers have relied on our knowledge and experience of chicken feed brands, ingredients, and our range of quality products to suit every budget. But that’s not all.

Our customers often ask us what to feed their chickens. What to do if they get sick. How they can get them laying eggs. Or why they are keeling over quickly.

Good news:

We’re pretty sure we can help. Over 18 years of helping customers with their chickens means we know what chicken feed works. We’re always happy to offer a few useful tips if you need some advice.

Chicken feed products

We stock a range of chicken feed from quality brands such as Barastoc and Laucke.

Give chickens a nutritious feed and they’ll give you great tasting eggs. Our chicken feed includes a good balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Brands include Barastoc (100% antibiotic free, 100% hormone free), and Laucke Mills Red Hen Layer.

Product Weight
Barastoc Chick Starter 20kg
Barastoc Pullet Grower 20kg
Barastoc Top Layer Crumble 20kg
Barastoc Darling Downs 20kg
Barastoc Equibix 20kg
CoPrice Lucky Layer 20kg
Laucke Chick Starter 20kg
Laucke Pullet Grower 20kg
Laucke Xtra Egg 20kg
Laucke Red Hen Layer 20kg
Laucke Red Hen Free Range Scratch Grain Mix 20kg
Laucke Hen Free Range Layer 20kg
Laucke Showbird Breeder 20kg
Laucke Game Bird Maintenance 20kg
Redi Eggs 4 Sure 20kg
Hygain TruCare 20kg
Hygain TruGain 20kg

Pig Feed

How much of your time and costs are wasted when your pigs suffer bone fractures, lameness, anaemia, or salt poisoning?

Destroying your pigs or slaughtering your pigs before their correct weights are not ideal - but may be the only options for sick pigs who have serious conditions or diseases from poor nutrition and feeding.

A balanced diet combined with the right environment is vital to support pigs through the growing or breeding phases. A mix of high energy ingredients mixed with the right amounts of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids can give you pigs at a healthy weight for slaughter at the right time.

Contact us for a quote or for advice about the right feed for your chickens.


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What to expect

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Product Weight
Barastoc Pig Breeder 20kg
Barastoc Pig Grower 20kg

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