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Horses & Cows

Horse feed

I need to change my horse’s feed. What should I change to?

My horse gets laminitis and I don’t want her to get it anymore, what do I feed her?

I want to show my horse and his condition is good but has a dull coat - what could I feed to make his coat glossier?

High quality horse feeds for every horse

Whether you have a pony, a performance horse, a work horse, or a senior horse, it’s so important for them to have the right nutrition to address the changing needs of your horse for the best possible health, performance, and well being.

That’s why when you visit us, you’ll find only the highest quality horse feed from well known brands such as BarastocHygainLauke, and Mitavite.

Feeds have been carefully formulated to suit different types of horses and to help with common problems which might range from compacted gut, poor hooves and poor coat, weight trouble, metabolic issues, even fizzy, hot horses.

For example breeding horses need the right balance of essential protein, energy, macro and micronutrients for health, optimum growth, and fertility. High fibre, low starch feeds are designed to release energy slowly to calm hot fizzy horses. 

Make an informed choice for the right horse feed

The huge range of horse feeds and supplements can be overwhelming. When there are several products that claim to help with the same problem, which one should you choose? You don’t want to make the problem worse by getting the wrong feed or supplement.

A product is only good if it’s the right product for your horse.

That’s where we come in. We’ll take the time to learn about your horse, so expect to tell us it’s size, breed, use, stage of development, weight, temperament, past history, and energy needs. Only then can we can suggest the right product.

Our customers regularly ask us for help with concerns such as:

  • Too much sugar
  • Too much food
  • Compacted gut
  • Trouble defecating
  • Colic
  • Wrong food
  • Not enough exercise

For over 15 years, our customers have relied on our knowledge and experience of horse feed, as well as our range of quality products to suit every budget. It’s why we get so many loyal customers by word of mouth - even vets send customers our way!

Horse feed products

We stock a range of horse feed from reputable brands such as Hygain, Mitavite, Barastoc, and Laucke. Horse wormers and other products and accessories are also available.

These feeds have been carefully formulated by nutritionists to take care of the dietary needs of your horse - to support the stage of life of your horse, it’s digestion, and it’s purpose, whether for breeding or performance.

Product Weight
Barastoc Completo 20kg
Barastoc Equibix 20kg
Barastoc Breed ‘n’ Grow 20kg
Barastoc Calm Performer 20kg
CopRice Rice Bran 20kg
CopRice Cool Conditioner 20kg
Hygain All Rounder 20kg
Hygain Equine Senior 20kg
Hygain Ice 20kg
Hygain Microbeet 20kg
Hygain GroTorque 20kg
Hygain Prodigy 20kg
Hygain ShowTorque 20kg
Hygain TrackTorque 20kg
Hygain Steamed & Rolled Oats 20kg
Hygain TruCare 20kg
Hygain TruGain 20kg
Hygain Zero 20kg
Laucke Cool Horse + Pony 20kg
Laucke Pollard 25kg
Laucke Bran 25kg
Laucke Flaky Bran 25kg
Laucke Maxisoy 35kg
K.E.R. All Phase 20kg
K.E.R. Equijewel 20kg
K.E.R. Lo Gi Cube 20kg
Stanee Copra Meal 20kg
Mitavite Economix 20kg
Mitavite Breeda 20kg
Mitavite Gumnuts 20kg
Mitavite Formula 3 20kg
Mitavite Xtra Cool 20kg
Omega Pony Plus 20kg
Omega Gold 20kg


Hygain horse feed is extrapolated and uses a microwave cooking process so food is in a slightly pre-digested form. Our experience has shown this to be gentler for horses with digestive issues compared to grains which can cause ulcers due to stress.

Mitavite has a wide range of horse feed for all types of horses.

Cow feed

To ensure healthy and long lasting calves, it’s important to provide a feed with a good balance of vitamins, minerals, energy, and protein. And for rearing heifers, the right nutrition can make all the difference in growth rates and the quality of your heifers.

Product Weight
Barastoc Heiffer Developer 20kg
Barastoc Calf Rearer 20kg
Barastoc Sheep and Cattle 20kg

Need help?

Please contact us to find out what feeds will give your horses or cows optimum health and well being.

What to expect

  • Wide range of horse feed to suit every budget
  • High quality products, well known brands
  • Responsive and experienced service
  • Fast and reliable delivery


Deadline: 12pm Tuesday for Thursday delivery

Delivery area: within 30km of Lancefield. Includes Gisborne, Riddells Creek, and Sunbury

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